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Direction to banadoura offices

  • Take the highway leading you from Beirut to Jal El Dib
  • Don’t take the Jal El Dib bridge, take the road under the bridge
  • Take the first right turn, right after “O&C” market
  • At the end of the street, look for a sushi restaurant called Tsunami to your right.
  • We are at the first floor, in the building next to Tsunami

Toni Yammine

Toni loves chocolate, vanilla ice cream and the Beatles. He’s got an MBA in business computing and is passionate about photography, music and filmmaking. He has the talent to transform complex projects into simple steps and he adores standing on stage to share his passions. He lately got an RC plane that he already broke two times but he is still learning how to fly this thing.
To contact Toni, send an email to: toni [@] banadoura [dot] com

Fouad Yammine

Fouad is an energy bomb and banadoura’s creative dynamo. He’s got a degree in acting and directing and he has traveled the globe in the last few years performing and sharing his passion for theatre and music. When not on stage, he is probably holding the guitar humming melodies, or just enjoying a nice movie or a fatty meal. His favourite dish is hummus bi thineh!
To contact Fouad, send an email to: fouad [@] banadoura [dot] com