Office-Cooling Party

We would like to officially invite you to our office-cooling party to celebrate the launch of our new place, on the 1st of April, at 7:00 pm.

We’ll be presenting our latest top secret projects that have been cooking for a while.

Tasty cookies and fresh drinks will also be available in case you got bored.

That’s how you get to our offices:

- Take the highway leading you from Beirut to Jal El Dib

- Don’t take the Jal El Dib bridge, take the road under the bridge

- Take the first right turn, right after “O&C” market

- At the end of the street, look for a sushi restaurant called Tsunami to your right.

- We are at the first floor, in the building next to Tsunami

A detailed map can be found on our contact page.

PS: You can bring your friends (as long as they do not eat all the cookies).

PPS: This is not an April’s fool.

PPS: This is the facebook event page, RSVP!

Acting workshop with Fouad Yammine

Banadoura presents an acting workshop with Fouad Yammine. It is a four sessions acting workshop, each of three hours, that will give you a big introduction to the world of acting. During the workshop, you will cover different topics and techniques essential to the developments of any actor, and you will take part of different exercises that will surely improve you acting skills.
These are some of the topics that will be covered in the workshop:

- Understand theatre, acting, stage and learn how to use your acting tools.
- What is theatre?
- What is acting?
- History of acting and theatre through the ages
- Introduction to theatre genres and acting styles
- What makes a good actor?
- Learn and know how to confront an audience
- Learn how to build a rapport with your audience
- How to control your body and your emotions
- How to be transparent and be believable on stage
- What are the Techniques Actors must use to convey truth
- Understand actors interaction and roles leadership on stage
- Why listening is the essential skill every actor must master
- How to build trust with follow actor partners and team
- How to be relaxed on stage
- Stage rules
- The importance of communication and rapport on stage
- How to be prepared for a casting
- Improvisation techniques
- What’s a characters? What are the types of character and how to create simple yet complex fascinating characters?
- Develop distinct physicalities (gestures, walk, movements) for each character you play
- Never again wonder what to do with your hands.
- What are the most important three tools of acting and how professional actors around the world use them?
- How to avoid the big mistakes most beginning actors make
- How to Banish Stage Fright and refocus it for an intense performance
- How to become a master at memorizing lines that will NEVER go stale.

At the end of this workshop, you will surely have developed your acting skills, but also:
- You will have a stronger personality and you will add to your natural charm.
- You will be a better public speaker.
- You will be able to think on your feet.
- You will develop your character, dependability and perseverance and establish and justify new self-confidence.

The workshop is divided to 4 sessions, each of three hours, one time a week, during one month. This workshop will be selling at 250$/month but now you can benefit of an introductory price, for a limited time, of just 139$.

Register now by filling up this form.

If you have more questions, you can call 03 62 61 33.

Improvisation Workshop

Banadoura proudly presents an acting workshop with The champion of the world in improvisation Elrik Thomas & The champion of France in improvisation Laurent Jacques.

Improvisational theatre (also known as improv or impro) is a form of theatre in which the improvisational actors use improvisational acting techniques to perform spontaneously. Improvisers typically use audience suggestions to guide the performance as they create dialogue, setting, and plot extemporaneously. It is so much fun!

So we are lucky to have the best in the world to be teaching us here in Beirut!
The workshop is divided to two sessions, each of three hours, where they will be sharing with us the rules of improvisation and sharing so much about their experience.

Besides the fun, this workshop will teach you how to think on your feet and react on the spot, and overcome shyness; skills that will improve your social abilities.

They will also be performing at CCF and you will be able to assist to the show too when you register to the workshop.

All six hours of the workshop with the champions, including the ticket to watch them performing at CCF (20$ value), are for only 95$ for none students and 75$ for students.

You DO NOT need to have any acting experience to attend this workshop, but places are limited, and we can only have fifteen persons.

If you think this is fun, do not miss this great opportunity, fill out this from:

Laurent Jacques
Il a commencé l’improvisaton théâtrale il y a 15 ans. Champion de france en match d’improvisation, il se forme aux arts du clown, de la comédia del’arte, joue au théâtre et dans des courts métrages. Il joue dans 3 spectacles d’improvisation à Paris (théatres du Lucernaire, des Feux de la Rampe, la comédie StMichel), a formé plusieurs équipes d’impro et conduit de nombreux ateliers de formations.
Elrik Thomas
Champion du monde d’improvisation, il est l’un des créateurs de l’improvisation en France, avec notamment “Le Cercle des Menteurs”. Véritable référence en la matière depuis plus de 30 ans, les troupes d’improvisation de paris s’arrachent ses ateliers de haut niveau, ou l’on redécouvre l’essence du Jeu.
Elrik Thomas est aussi comédien et metteur en scène : il a joué avec Jean Marais, ALex Métayer, Michel Leeb…

We are official

Finally we took the step Fouad and myself to stop sending invoices from our personal accounts and to register a company. Now it is official: Banadoura SARL

We also got new offices in Jal El Dib. We are still tweaking the place up but already we have been spending all our time there. Here’s how you can come to visit us:

  • Take the highway leading you from Beirut to Jal El Dib
  • Don’t take the Jal El Dib bridge, take the road under the bridge
  • Take the first right turn, right after “O&C” market
  • At the end of the street, look for a sushi restaurant called Tsunami to your right.
  • We are at the first floor, in the building next to Tsunami

We have many nice restaurants nearby, another excuse to never leave the office! Talking about restaurants, I feel kind of hungry and I want to order chinese food. I gtg now!