We are official

Finally we took the step Fouad and myself to stop sending invoices from our personal accounts and to register a company. Now it is official: Banadoura SARL

We also got new offices in Jal El Dib. We are still tweaking the place up but already we have been spending all our time there. Here’s how you can come to visit us:

  • Take the highway leading you from Beirut to Jal El Dib
  • Don’t take the Jal El Dib bridge, take the road under the bridge
  • Take the first right turn, right after “O&C” market
  • At the end of the street, look for a sushi restaurant called Tsunami to your right.
  • We are at the first floor, in the building next to Tsunami

We have many nice restaurants nearby, another excuse to never leave the office! Talking about restaurants, I feel kind of hungry and I want to order chinese food. I gtg now!